What is a CSA? 

Community Supported Agriculture(CSA) is a partnership between a local farm and the CSA members who buy a “share” of the harvest for the season.  Because a huge amount of a farm’s yearly expenses happen before the growing season, CSA members play a crucial role providing capital prior to the season. This helps the farm pay for the supplies and seeds we need to get started.  In return, our CSA members will receive weekly shares of fresh vegetables grown on the farm and picked at the peak of flavor.

Community Garden

We're all in this TOGETHER

Being part of a CSA also has shared risks.  Contributing to a CSA is done before the growing season.  That way we can plan the crops and prepare everything for a successful growing season.  We will work our hardest to make sure that we have an abundant crop – but if the crop is slim or we experience some harsh weather or some other unforeseen issue shareholders are not reimbursed.  We are all in this together. Because we share the risk this makes our community stronger.  Make no mistake our commitment to our crops is first and foremost – we are not only feeding our “share” holders but also those in need in our community and we know you are counting on us.  If you have any worries about possibly not getting your money’s worth then the shared risk of a CSA might not be for you.  We would rather make sure that you have reasonable expectations always.